Teacher Mama Strong Challenge

Teacher Mama Strong Challenge


🙋 Teacher Moms eyes on me for a sec! 👀

The reality for this busy lady is this;

I’m expected to …

✅Have every second of my day tied to instructional time on task
✅Produce detailed lesson plans, post related objectives, and prepare students for high-stakes tests
✅Participate on committees, clubs, and extra assignments to maintain good standing
✅Create and sustain a high level of parent communication and involvement
✅Use limited resources for meeting instructional needs of diverse students
✅Track data for….everything.
✅Prepare for student meetings such as IEP’s, 504’s, individualized plans, and response to intervention. AND find time in my day to eat, use the bathroom, make copies, prep for science, etc., never mind take a breather and decompress. 😂

Can you relate?

➡️As an elementary teacher and mom, I’ve had to make some serious changes in my life. For years, I let the stress of life sway me any which way. I made excuses as to why I shouldn’t take care of myself – because I needed to take care of those around me. My confidence dwindled and as a result I gained weight and felt self-conscious in what I wore to work. I let the stressors of teaching rob me of the joys that made it all worth it. I would come home cranky, stressed, and yelling at my own family. My relationships were breaking down. It almost tore our family apart. 😥

Here’s what I did:

☝🏻I declared that enough was enough, and I began taking small chunks of time for myself. I started getting up a few minutes earlier to spend time reading the RIGHT books and relaxing the RIGHT ways. 📚📝  I added short 25 minute home workouts to my day (endorphins are a powerful incentive for me!)👟💪🏻 I took the time  to learn how to nourish my body throughout the week without spending hours preparing food. And the more I invested time into myself, the more life began to open doors for me. My teaching jobs have NOT gotten easier. I haven’t gotten more “good breaks.” But I have gotten BETTER. More patient, more calm, more assertive, and more confident. I got myself into the healthiest version of me I’ve ever been. Between the ages of 25 and 31 I competed in a sprint triathlon, half-marathon, several 10 and 5 K’s, and became a certified group fitness instructor. I am now present fully with my KIDS both at school and at home. ☺️ (that’s the whole point right?!)

Are you ready?

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